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WhatsApp Download

"WhatsApp Download free in your Smartphone. The chat application more desired by users of Smartphone. In a few seconds you can download WhatsApp free now."

WhatsApp Download free available for your Smartphone or tablet. This is the best way to enjoy the most famous world chat application. With this App can keep in touch with your friends and family and send free text messages.

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Download WhatsApp free now . The best application of instant messaging to chat with friends. One of the most downloaded by users with Smartphone now also for PC on WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia download.

WhatsApp Download for PC or Smartphone

Download WhatsApp for PC or Smartphone is very easy and is available to any user. Follow our tutorial to WhatsApp Download for PC, the app for mobile device users.

Installs WhatsApp for PC and enjoy this fun and great chat app. Just click on this link you can download the application in its version for Android.

How to Download WhatsApp for PC with Bluestacks

WhatsApp for PC is available for all users thanks to emulators for Android. If you have a Windows operating system, we can install a free Android emulator. We chose as the best Android emulator Bluestacks. The discharge of this emulator is available for free from the www.bluestacks.com website, here you have the link.

Bluestacks can be very quick and easy. Only you must click on the 'download' button and start the emulator download. In a few steps you will have installed Bluestacks on your PC. And with the WhatsApp Download Free on your PC.

Once installed the emulator Bluestacks, from the main menu you have to go to the 'search App' folder for search and WhatsApp download. With just two clicks you can Download WhatsApp to your PC.

WhatsApp Download to PC requires of a phone number, as it will be installed in a Smartphone. It is important to know that it may not be the same mobile phone number if we have WhatsApp on our Smartphone.

Whatsapp PC Download

Alternatives to WhatsApp download for PC

WhatsApp for PC can also be installed with Android YouWave emulator. This emulator is well known. The installation is very simple, but for users who want to know with more detail like WhatsApp download with Youwave, can see the tutorial on the web site of WhatsApp for PC.

Whatsapp News


The appearance of Whatsapp revolutionized worldwide. We all wanted to enjoy the App on our mobile devices, and in the end we saw that by downloading this application we could communicate with our contacts in any country of the world.

Whatsapp has reached 350 million users worldwide, becoming the most downloaded messaging application in the United States and Europe. However, there has appeared a new competitor, Line with over 200 million users threaten its hegemony.

Other instant messaging applications that competing with Whatsapp are WeChat, Skype, Tango and Kakao Talk.

Now, Whatsapp adds voice messages to platforms IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and Blackberry.

Because WhatsApp uses the data plan you have in your email and internet, there is no extra cost for sending messages and keep in touch with your friends. Besides texting, Whatsapp users can create groups and send an unlimited number of video, images and voice messages and audio.

Whatsapp has made a new version for iOS 7. In this version will have a white background and user icons will be round instead of square.

Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp has a large number of features and functions, some of them unknown to us, and help us with the operation of this application is more agile. Below we provide some of them and over time we will be adding many more.

  1. Status of a message: when we send a text message can appear three different icons.

    • Status of a message: A watch that indicates that the message is waiting to be sent

    • One Check, when the message is sent to the server Whatsapp, but not the recipient

    • Two Check, when the server has sent the message to the recipient

  2. Contacts: We may remove, lock and hide our contacts. You can also add contacts from other countries putting, before each telephone number, prefix of the country.

  3. Audio message: If you hold down the speaker icon is at the bottom right of the screen you can send an audio message to any of your contacts.

  4. Whatsapp for PC: To use this application on a computer you need an emulator.

  5. Hide last connection: On the iPhone you can disable this feature in Settings Chat / Advanced. However, this option don't exist in Android. In this case we can make disable Wi-Fi or mobile data to avoid the date is updated when we send a message. That way we can enter the application and read some messages without being registered our access to other users. Otherwise, the last connection is updated when we entered Whatsapp.

  6. Become invisible in Whatsapp: Unlike other systems, in Whatsapp for iPhone you can set the app to make us invisible, ie, not to show that we are online. On the other hand, to make us invisible in Whatsapp for Android firewall is needed to remove the Wi-Fi and 3G of this application, and continue to use the Smartphone to access other applications without problems.

  7. Recover History: If you delete a conversation by mistake you can recover because the Smartphone stores the conversation history.

  8. Backup: You can do a backup of your conversations in Settings / Chat Settings / Save Conversations.

  9. Send email conversations: To do this you must go to Settings/ Chat Settings / Send Mail Chat. Here you choose the contact and then the type of message to send.